What is St. Joseph´s Way?

St. Joseph's Way is a pilgrimage of 20 km that passes through 14 stations , each with its unique natural elements, in which pilgrims meditate on different moments in the life of the Holy Family, in particular St. Joseph, who with his example leads each pilgrim through the journey of his life, in order to learn about his life and encounter him as their spiritual Father.

Every time Jesus looked to St. Joseph, heard him speak, watched him work, or witnessed his chaste love for Mary, he found in Joseph a perfect reflection of the Heavenly Father.

Fr. Donald Calloway


History of St. Joseph's Way



”We know that Joseph was a lowly carpenter, betrothed to Mary. He was a 'just man', ever ready to carry out God’s will as revealed to him in the Law and through four dreams. After a long and tiring journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, he beheld the birth of the Messiah in a stable, since 'there was no place for them' elsewhere. He witnessed the adoration of the shepherds and the Magi, who represented respectively the people of Israel and the pagan peoples.”

Patris Corde. 


Mission Cuatro Ciénegas

St. Joseph's Way is part of Mission Cuatro Ciénegas, a network of projects and organizations that allocate 100% of profits to the mission of the Plan 2040.

A long-term plan which seeks to accompany every family that is part of the new generations of Cuatro Ciénegas, in order to transform ourselves into a community of fully realized people.